9 Weight Loss Tips During The Holidays

Today introduces us to the saboteur of most diet plans— it’s those yummy, high calorie, high fat, and high regret holiday meals that can derail even those with the best intentions from sticking to their diet plan. With some advance planning and discipline, you can navigate through this difficult and sometimes stressful time of year without jumping off the diet cliff. Here are 9 tips to stay in control of your diet (and your waistline!) today and throughout the holiday season:

1. Eat consistently throughout the day beginning with a well-balanced healthy breakfast.

2. Choose from your arsenal of healthy snacks before you go to a holiday dinner (such as 2 high fiber crackers with 2 tsp natural peanut butter or a hardboiled egg) to control hunger.

3. Offer to bring a dish. There may not be many healthy foods offered, so at least you’ll have one go-to since you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

4. Load up on lighter and cleaner appetizers and healthy fats– such as vegetables with a portion of hummus.

5. Set your sip limit – give yourself a drink maximum before the meal begins. Remember to sip slowly and choose lower-calorie and low sugar options such as vodka and seltzer or wine spritzers.

6. Exercise! An hour spent burning calories early in the day will motivate you to make healthier choices later in the day.

7. Control your portions – this includes veggies because unless you’ve personally prepared them, they could be loaded with sneaky ingredients like margarine or sugary sauces. Don’t let desserts derail your healthy lifestyle either. Slice your own pie so you can control the size. And skip that high fat, high calorie crust!

8. Listen to your body and stop eating once you’re slightly satisfied. Period. You’ll have much better memories of a meal enjoyed than a meal over indulged in. Focus on your family and friends. And remember to chew every bite and eat slowly to allow your brain to catch up to your appetite.

9. Drink lots of water. This will allow you to keep from overeating and help you feel full so you don’t end up stuffed yourself, like the turkey!

And, don’t forget – enjoy your family, indulge in your favorite foods wisely, and have a Happy Holiday season!

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