Beginner’s Weight Training Guide

Ordinarily I like to personally write my posts but this link from does a very nice job of laying out a beginners weight-training routine with illustrations of the exercises.

If you’ve never used weight machines, they are great for beginners but don’t hesitate to ask your gym’s trainer for guidance on how to properly use the machines. Most gyms have a trainer on duty to answer questions and provide guidance.

One note regarding this routine— it recommends beginners do 1 set of each exercise “to failure” which means you should use enough weight to do at least one set of 8-12 repetitions; this means a weight heavy enough to tire the muscle significantly. If you’re able to do 20-30 repetitions of an exercise, you’re not using enough weight.

Remember, weight training should be done on alternating days. It’s critical for strength training to allow your muscles to rest.

Beginner’s Weight Training Guide ⬇️

REMEMBER! Good form is of the utmost importance for both results and safety.

GOOD LUCK! Please post any questions you may have regarding this article.

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