I’ve always enjoyed biking but 5 years ago I ramped up my riding to a new level after buying myself a quality mountain bike.

What I find most appealing about biking, regardless of whether it’s road cycling or trail riding, is that the scenery always changes and the riding conditions aren’t always the same. Compared to gym workouts which can get monotonous after a while, outdoor cycling has constantly changing variables such as terrain and climate.

The chart below was compiled using a calculator that approximates how many calories are burned for various weight people biking various distances at a fixed 12mph.

1 mile------------48------------56------------64------------71------------79
3 mile-----------143-----------167-----------191-----------214----------238
5 mile-----------238-----------278-----------318-----------357----------397
10 mile---------476-----------556-----------635----------714----------794
15 mile---------714-----------833-----------953---------1,072---------1,191
20 mile---------953----------1,111--------1,270--------1,429---------1,588
30 mile--------1,429---------1,667--------1,905--------2,143---------2,381

Those of you that bike regularly know that 12mph is a very achievable pace on a mountain bike and a leisurely pace on a road bike.

Of course, there are variables that go into cycling calories burned that aren’t considered here, such as tire size and frame weight, but the point is that biking can be a great cardiovascular workout, helps build core strength, and tones legs as well as arms.

Personally, I replace about half of my gym workouts with biking during the summer simply because I love getting out of the gym and enjoy the beautiful Michigan scenery during the warmer months. It also helps break up the monotony of being cooped up in a gym after Michigan’s long cold season.

If you’re looking for a fun and effective exercise that breaks up the boredom of heading to the gym, give biking a try! I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

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