COVID-19 and Immune System Health

Hello Friends!

Recently I’ve focused mainly on COVID-19 and immune system health. Hopefully you’re doing all you can to eat right (lots of vegetables and fruits) and are avoiding sugar, processed foods and saturated fat.

Although the hospitalization curve is flattening and on the decline in most states, we are far from being out of the woods with COVID-19.

REMEMBER- the reason the hospitalization curve has improved is SOLELY because of social distancing and the shelter-in-place orders both here and abroad. We DO NOT yet have a cure or preventative vaccine although some treatments have had promising results. We all need to take good care of our health during this critical time. Proper nutrition, a healthy gut microbiome and exercise ALL help maintain and improve immune system health.

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Now on to the original purpose of our Trust Organix Community — motivating and teaching you about healthy living through nutrition and fitness.

Let me start by reminding you guys that improving your health and earning results is not an instant thing. With everyone working from home (or not working at all due to COVID-19), weight gain has been a bigger battle than usual for many.

Fad diets and starvation may work in the short term to lose weight — Short-term boot camps or intense one or two-week training regimens can also help you drop a few pounds... for a while.

BUT, these ARE NOT long term solutions to health and fitness. They are a good start though (except for the starvation diet😉).


• It takes time.

• It takes consistent effort.

• It takes consistent focus.

• It takes the right tools.

• It takes a thousand little mental victories.

• It takes changing your habits.

• It takes doing the work.

• Doing it consistently.

• Not wavering.

... and most of all, BEING PATIENT!

Think of it like this ... you can't bake a cake twice as fast by turning the temperature up twice as high, can you? No. You'd ruin the cake.

By most estimates and my personal experience, it takes a solid 8 weeks to adjust to a new eating program, a new fitness routine or a new lifestyle...

And you need to understand that, you need to be ready for that, and you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other ... because when you do, your results will be there.

Most people quit before this point though ...


Do everything you can as you take on each day ...

Make one good decision at a time ...

Keep moving, left foot, right foot ...

And don't quit.

You CAN do this!

If at any point along your journey you have questions or need help, please post your question. Chances are others have the same questions as you.

That’s what this Trust Organix Community and I are both here for— a trusted shoulder to lean on for advice, motivation and encouragement.

Yours in health and fitness,

Ron, Co-Founder
Trust Organix

PS- Private Message on Facebook me if you have a personal concern or question. I’m always available to answer questions and motivate.❤️

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