Eat Your Apple Seeds!!

This story surprised even me. I’ve always been told that apple seeds were toxic and shouldn’t be eaten. Turns out that’s both true and false.

Researchers at the Graz University of Technology in Austria identified a beneficial kind of bacteria called Lactobacillus in the core and seeds of organic apples. Lactobacillus is also commonly found in probiotics that have been proven to help ease certain digestive disorders.

The study recorded the bacterial content in the stem, peel, flesh and seeds in both organic and non-organic apples. The majority of the friendly bacteria was found in the seeds for both kinds, researchers said.

Researchers found there are as many as 100 million healthy gut microbes in an entire apple (core and seeds included) as compared to just 10 million in the portion we normally consume.

The study also found that organic apples have a “significantly more diverse, more even and distinct” bacterial community, and have more “favorable health effects for the consumer, the host plant and the environment” than store-bought apples.

While it’s true that apple seeds contain a chemical compound called amygdalin, which creates the poison cyanide when the seeds are crushed and eaten, you’d need to crush hundreds of apple seeds, significantly more than the amount found in one apple, and consume them in order for the cyanide to be dangerous.

So the next time you’re cutting up an apple to add to your smoothie, throw in the entire apple for a probiotic boost.


Ingredients (1 serving)-

4 baby carrots
1 whole apple (cut in pieces)
½ beet
1/2 inch piece of chopped ginger root
3 ice cubes
Water to blend smooth

Place all ingredients in a smoothie blender and blend until smooth.

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