Healthy Food Swaps That Can Save You A Bunch Of Calories & Fat Grams

Mayonnaise, butter, salad dressings, white rice, pasta…. these foods are staples in many of our diets. On the surface, these foods don’t seem all that bad, after all, if you’re making a spinach & artichoke dip, how can you not use mayonnaise, right? And what salad isn’t complete without blue cheese dressing or thousand island?

Now we all know the role exercise plays in losing weight, but equally important, maybe more so, than exercise is the food we put in our mouth. Generally speaking, most of us are routinely sabotaging our best intentions with these sneaky ingredients that make their way into our mouths, sometimes unknowingly, but more often than not we suspect that many of the ingredients in the foods we eat aren’t very healthy. Regardless, we rationalize eating these foods anyway because, after all, what other option is there?

The truth is there are a bunch of healthier options out there. You simply have to care enough to do a little homework and seek out healthier alternatives. As much as I loathe the negative influences the internet has had on our lives, the one great benefit of the web is that we can easily and quickly research ANYTHING. A quick Google search will reveal a seemingly endless stream of health swaps you can make in your everyday recipes to keep you from packing on those unwanted pounds.

The attached article highlights a number of dietary health swaps you can make to help keep your resolution to eat healthier and lose weight on track. And these swaps only touch the surface of the available ingredient swaps you can make to assist you in reducing your saturated fat, carbohydrate, and caloric intake.

You’ll feel so much better and rewarded when you take some of your favorite unhealthy recipes and, with a few simple swaps, create a delicious and healthier version.

Click the article below and learn about some of the basic swaps (with recipes) you can use to keep your weight loss goal on track this year.

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