The Psychology Of Success

After reading Melanie Berry’s article, I got to thinking about what makes people tick. I mean, I think we’d all love to be healthy and fit but all too often we fail at both. If you’re a frequent watcher of The Simpsons, you probably remember a few occasions where Homer, during one of his moments of confusion, has a devil and angel appear on each shoulder, giving him two polar opposite perspectives. We all do this! Life is full of forks in the road. We may not have an actual devil and angel appear on our shoulder, but you get the point. Our mind is very powerful. Some of us have a great ability to self motivate while others seem to wallow through life always making excuses.

Whether you choose to listen to the devil or angel on your shoulder is truly your decision. The devil often gives us the easy way out and easy, for most of us, tends to win out when faced with a tough decision.

The decision to make healthy lifestyle changes and get fit is not an easy one. It seems like it should be, right? After all, who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? I think it’s a safe assumption that we’d all love to eat the right foods every day and be able to walk into any department store and buy clothes off the rack that look and feel great on us. But somehow we keep stumbling on our mission to make positive changes.

Let me give you a real life observation. I’ve been going to the gym regularly for about 7 years. One thing I’ve noticed is that every January the gym is packed with new people that made a New Year’s resolution to get fit. By February, about 75% of those folks disappear. Sadly, it appears the devil on their shoulder won. I’d love to sit down with all those people that so quickly gave up on their resolution to find out why but I’m pretty sure I know the answer because I’ve been there before. It’s easy to fall back into an old routine.

So how can we break the cycle of failure? I think it’s different for every person but I also think I may have some good advice on how to get over the hump. A few months ago I was given a book by Morrie Mitchell (the father of my partner, Todd, and the main motivation behind the creation of More Than Beets). The book was written by fitness expert and motivational speaker Bob Delmonteque, a true pioneer in the fitness industry. At 80 years old, Bob had the physique of a healthy and buff 18 year old. If you’re curious, just Google him. You’ll see what I mean.

Reading through his book, LIFELONG FITNESS, I got to a chapter discussing his “Educo System.” Here’s a passage from the chapter—

“Personally, one of my life-long interests is in how to use more of your mind and apply it to every area of your life, in short, mind over matter. I’ve encompassed what I’ve learned in a system called Educo, a Latin word which means to draw out from within. The system enables you to use more of your mind, you draw out the life and the lifestyle that you want from within. Educo has been the subject of 10 years of research with a university in London, England. This system was also used by Steve Collins to win two world championship belts for the Super-Middle-Weight Boxing Title.”

Reading on in the chapter, I got to a passage discussing visualization and it all made sense to me. The Educo System requires us to set BIG goals. Without big, life-changing goals, we’re all prone to failure. You need to set a big goal that becomes an all-encompassing part of your life. For Melanie Berry, as an example, maybe her goal was to compete in the NPC Masters Competition? Or maybe her goal was to actually WIN the competition? You see, when you visualize an end result, that is, mentally see yourself as the you you’ve always dreamed of, your goal becomes a life absorbed mission to achieve a specific result. Big goals = big success.

Put another way, visualize yourself 6 months from now getting together with a group of old friends and having them all shocked in amazement when you walk through the door looking 20 years younger, radiant, fit and glowing from within. When I say setting big goals, that’s what I’m talking about. Or maybe your goal is to finally be able to go on Caribbean vacation or cruise where you don’t have to worry or feel consumed with fear of being in a bathing suit in public.

For me personally, and this may sound a little odd, my motivation for getting healthy was proving the first doctor wrong that basically told me and my family that I’d probably die when I was first admitted to the hospital with kidney failure. That’s right— the critical care doctor held out little hope that I’d clean up my act and survive kidney failure.

Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something! 99% of the time I’ll prove you wrong. It’s that same mindset that allowed me to become an All-State baseball player in high school. My varsity baseball coach challenged my assertion as a sophomore that I was better than the kid starting ahead of me and to prove his point, started me the next game at 3rd base and had me batting 5th in the lineup. I know he expected me to crash and burn. I’ll never forget that day. I went 3-4 at the plate and made 3 put outs playing 3rd base, with no errors. From that point forward, I started every game and was our team’s clean-up hitter.

If you don’t set big goals and visualize your success, you’ll be climbing an uphill battle trying to lose weight, change your eating habits, or achieving whatever other goal you may have.


𝟭) 𝗪𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗲𝗻𝗱 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗱𝘂𝗰𝘁— 𝗩𝗜𝗦𝗨𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗭𝗘

“What will I look like when I achieve my goal?”
See yourself with a group of friends or family looking at you stunned and in disbelief at your transformation.


Hear yourself telling others that to grow old is just a decision and to grow young is also a decision. Have your voice filled with certainty. Let your inner voice take on the excitement of showing others what you’re capable of.


Now, write down how YOU would FEEL about achieving your goal. For example, how you’d be so excited, happy, free. Every single cell in your body and mind would feel more fully alive than ever before. Get the feeling of what it would feel like to talk to others about your success and pump them up with the hope and possibility of a more youthful and healthy future for themselves as well. You, the student, has now become the teacher!

YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING! You just have to believe in it. Don’t be afraid to set big goals. You’ll be shocked and amazed at what you’re able to accomplish once you set your mind to something.


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