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79-year-old Founder of Universal Bodybuilding Uncovers Anti-Aging ‘Blood Flow’ Secret That Can Turn Back The Clock On Your Body 10, 20, Even 30 Years -- WITHOUT Diet or Exercise!

Morrie Mitchell, here. T​HANK YOU for your purchase. It warms my heart knowing you’ve decided to place your trust in us.

We won’t let you down - I promise you that! 

I truly believe your decision will go a long way towards helping you reclaim the health you so richly deserve.

Now let me share with you something I think is ​Pretty ​Phenomenal ​& ​Totally ​Complements​Your ​Purchase ​Today.

  • I'm ​Pain ​F​REE. 
  • My Thinking is Crystal Clear. 
  • I Sleep Great & I Wake Up Early. 
  • I'm Disease FREE, too. 
  • And I Haven't Been to a Hospital in I Don't Know How Long.

Candidly? What's ​Even ​More ​Amazing, ​Is ​That:

I Still Have The Energy,
Drive & Ambition Of A
Young Guy In His Twenties

As you may know, as you get older, I'm talking once you hit 50, but usually sooner, things start to "break" in your body.

  • Maybe your blood pressure or cholesterol starts to climb...
  • Maybe your blood sugar is all out of whack and you've got diabetes or pre-diabetes...
  • Maybe you start to develop heart problems...which can be really scary...
  • Maybe you're tormented with fibromyalgia, arthritis or neuropathy.

Those are the silent killers. But what about:

  • Lack of energy, and not being able to get through the day without a nap?
  • Or maybe loss of memory?
  • Brain fog where things are just a muddle?
  • Or God forbid, dementia.

These are the kinds of ailments, maladies and diseases that millions of seniors are plagued with on a daily basis. 

What’s weird is… you’re probably not doing anything differently than you did ten years ago, or even 5 years ago, are you? 

Yet, it feels like your body is breaking down for no good reason. 

Trips to the doctor or hospital are becoming more frequent. 

It’s definitely frustrating, maybe painful… and I believe pretty much needless. 

That’s right…Needless. 

In other words, those earmarks of aging and chronic disease, you don’t have to go through it. 

I mean that. And I’​M ​LIVING PROOF.

So in just a moment, I’m going to ​

Share ​With ​You ​My SECRET...

My Own Anti-Aging, Youth-Rejuvenating Secret...

And I promise not only will you be blown away, but you’ll take away a surefire, works-for-anyone method for:

  • Reclaiming your health and well-being...

  • Regaining the energy of a youngster...

  • Having a body that looks 10, 20, even 30 years younger--without crazy diets or exercise...

I know it sounds incredible, but again, I'm living proof. I wouldn't be making this video, unless I was sure it could help anyone.

The biggest thing they’ll tell you about aging is it’s only going to get worse. 

More diseases. More pain. More suffering. 

B​UT -- what if it didn’t?

What ​If ​You ​Could ​Age ​Pain ​F​REE. 

Gracefully. Disease ​FREE. Better ​Yet...

What ​If ​You ​Could REVERSE ​Your ​Biological ​Clock?


Sounds incredible, I know. 

Yet, over 50,000 published papers... clinical studies... and medical trials back up everything I say.


How?  By lengthening your telomeres. 

Each time a cell divides, the telomeres at the end of its chromosomes get shorter and shorter. When they get too short, the cell can no longer divide, and it becomes inactive or it dies. 

Except The Methuselah Method makes your bomb fuses GROW LONGER -- that means your cells get YOUNGER.


Now,  telomeres are kinda like a bomb fuse.

As you may know, stem cell therapy is the hottest thing in medicine. 

But what if you could boost your stem cell production naturally, without injections? That way your body could repair, restore and rejuvenate itself.


Mitochondria are your body’s cellular power plants... giving you new energy to fight and heal disease, as well as live your life to the fullest...

From ​An ​Anti-​Aging ​Perspective?

The ​SECRET I’ve been using for the past 30 years can do all that ​& more...

Scientists have proven this in the lab. 

Athletes and sports stars have proven it on the field. 

I’ve proven it in the gym. 

However, you don’t have to be a sports star to take advantage of the Methuselah Method.

It’s for anyone wanting to age gracefully and to put chronic disease of all kinds on the run...

  • To be ​Clearer ​Headed...

  • To ​Rejuvenate ​Your ​Body...

If ​You’d ​Like to ​Have the ​Body ​You ​Had 5, 10, 20 or ​Even 30 ​Years ​Ago… ​To ​Be ​Healthy ​& ​Energetic, ​My ​Method ​Has ​PROVEN to ​Work ​For ​Anyone...

When I was younger, I started Universal Bodybuilding...

Universal Bodybuilding was born out of my own desire to build my own body.

Starting with just a single barbell, I achieved that, and so much more. Showing ​MILLIONS of men and woman over four decades how to build a better body. 

But now that I’m getting older, my focus has changed. 

These days, I’ve been fascinated with ​Anti-​Aging ​& ​Longevity, as well as being able to ​LIVE ​A ​Healthy, ​Pain-​FREE ​Life.

If your desire is to ​Live a ​Youthful ​Life, I ​Encourage ​You to ​Read ​This ​Entire ​Page. Take notes if you have to.

As ​If ​Your Life ​Depends ​On ​It. Because, I ​Believe, ​It ​Does.

As you get older, the people you used to know ​& love start to pass away...

These days it’s usually because of some chronic disease that’s run its course. 

Heart disease. Diabetes. COPD. Dementia. 

It’s always a heartbreak. Even more so, when it’s someone close to you. 

In my case, now that I’m close to 80, as I watch my friends and family struggle with their health…

…it seems our healthcare system has failed them.

The drugs, the surgeries, the injections… they’re nothing more than a short term band aid. At best!

I’d ​Be ​So ​Grieved ​But ​At ​The ​Same ​Time ​Upset.

Heck, I’ll just say it.

I ​Was ​Mad ​As ​Hell!

With each passing loved one, I’d get angrier. And angrier.

Finally, I reached my boiling point, where I said to myself:

“I can’t stand it. I can’t just sit here and watch while people are physically… and emotionally… and mentally tormented to their graves.”

And so I made a vow. 

And I vowed to use what I’ve learned about health and anti-aging over the past 60+ years to help people reclaim their youthful body – their health, energy, and vitality they once enjoyed.

So much so they’d be experiencing all the related-benefits, such as:

  • A reduction of age-related symptoms

  • More energy throughout the day

  • Faster wound healing…

  • And an ​Overall ​Improvement of your ​Heart ​& ​Cardiovascular ​System ​Throughout ​Your ​Entire ​Body​!

I’ll tell you, it wasn’t easy. 

There were tons of hurdles and obstacles we had to go through. 

There were at least a couple times when we almost called it quits. 

Like trying to perfect the formula so that it tastes great.

But ​​We FINALLY ​Did ​It.

And so we started sharing it locally, meeting at places like retirement homes, farmers markets, and of course giving it to family and friends.

We ​Immediately ​Saw ​With ​Our ​Own ​Eyes, ​Men ​& ​Women ​Alike, ​Come ​Back ​To ​LIFE...

The blush of their cheeks, the sparkle in their eyes, the smile on their faces… 

They’d come back and tell us stories of their aches and pains, of their doctors and how excited and hopeful they are now. 

That’s the power of ​BEETS plus a couple additional nutrients.

Beets ​Open ​Up the ​Circulation, ​No ​Matter ​How ​Old or ​Young ​You ​Are… ​Allowing ​More ​Blood, ​Oxygen ​& ​Nutrients ​To ​Flow ​To ​Different ​Parts ​Of ​Your ​Body…

Perhaps the ones that need it most. 

Collagen ​Keeps ​Those ​Blood ​Vessels ​Strong ​& ​Flexible… 

And the ​Antioxidant ​Resveratrol ​Keeps ​Them ​Young — and ​YOU ​Energetic and ​Young ​At ​Heart.

You’re ​Updating, ​Upgrading, ​Rejuvenating ​​Your ​Body’s ​Plumbing ​& It’ll ​Start ​To ​Show ​In ​All ​Sorts ​Of ​Subtle, ​Yet ​Noticeable ​Ways.

  • Your skin may appear years, even decades younger…

  • Aches and pain may disappear…

  • Injuries you’ve sustained years ago may fade…

  • Your vision may improve…

  • Sexual intimacy can increase…

  • And your thinking becomes razor sharp…

Best of all, you’ll feel younger. More alive. 

This is because new blood, fresh blood containing an abundance of nutrients, contains life. 

We just knew we were onto something when repeat orders started to immediately come in. 

That’s when we decided to get some professional labels and packaging. We had a real product with real benefits and we called it… 

More Than Beets™ is a TRUE SUPERFOOD for the ​Heart ​& ​Cardiovascular ​System.

Using ​Organic, ​Non-GMO, ​Nitric ​Oxide-pumping beetroot powder, More Than Beets™ also unleashes Citrulline Malate, ​Resveratrol ​& ​Collagen ​Peptides to open up and ‘un-throttle’ your blood vessels… 

 … sending ​​nutrient-​​rich ​​blood where previously it may have been struggling, or even completely shut down!

Do Yourself A Favor. Begin Your Day With A Glass Of
More Than Beets™

Because unless you’re a health maniac, we all know how hard it is to get enough beets into our diet, let alone ​Organic and ​Non-GMO.

Even if you have them just once a month in a smoothie or a salad, you’d be way ahead of the crowd. 

And that’s why we created More Than Beets™

One scoop of delicious More Than Beets™ a day mixed with water helps rejuvenate the cardiovascular system, and in turn, rejuvenates the rest of your body.

More Than Beets™ is the ONLY ​
Beetroot-​Based ​Product ​That ​Includes ​Abundant ​Amounts ​Of:

  • Your skin may appear years, even decades younger… 
  • Aches and pain may disappear… 
  • Injuries you’ve sustained years ago may fade… 
  • Your vision may improve… 
  • Sexual intimacy can increase… 
  • And your thinking becomes razor sharp…

Imagine once a day taking a scoop of More Than Beets™, mixing it in a glass of water and then drinking a vibrantly red, tasty glass…that just screams healthy. 

Within moments, a flood of Nitric Oxide is unleashed in your body, opening up your circulation system, allowing blood to flow freely. 

Not to mention the rush of Collagen Peptides and the Antioxidant Resveratrol for Energy

So by now, you can be assured that More Than Beets™ is pretty much flying off the shelves.

We ​Maintain Very ​Tight ​Control ​Over ​Product ​Quality.

And one of the ways we do that is to produce it in small batches. So we’re forever running low and have to replenish.

There’s also another reason, come to think of it.

We have a ​Very ​High ​Repeat ​Customer ​Rate. Plus, when ​valued customers like YOU order, they usually order more than just one canister.

And frankly, that makes my father and me very happy. But not for the reason you may think. 

 You see, it’s always been a personal mission of my fathers – and mine - to build the best body a person can. 

 And now that we know the big ​SECRET to ​Aging ​Gracefully ​& in ​Good ​Health, now that we’ve found a solution​... ​
We ​Want ​To ​Share ​It ​With ​The ​World - YOU!

A ​Healthy, ​Vibrant ​

Circulation ​System ​Is 

to a ​Healthy, ​Vibrant ​Body ​

As ​You ​Grow ​Older...

And we’re happy people are seeing the benefits of More Than Beets™. 

Enough to want to order more. Enough so they never run out!!

Normally, we’ve been told More Than Beets™ should retail for $149 a canister... 

But ​Right ​N​OW ​& ​Through ​This ​Page ​ONLY…

More Than Beets™ Can Be YoursFor ONLY $34/​Bottle!

It’s for all of these reasons that I personally recommend choosing at least 3 containers of More Than Beets™.





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It might not be on the shelves forever… 

Especially since the manufacturer is struggling to keep up with demand.

You Can Take Home
More Than Beets™ Today
At A Major DISCOUNT...

You ​Have ​A ​Full
60 ​Days to ​Decide.

That’s how confident we are More Than Beets™ will work for you. 

It delivers. In a ​BIG way! 

You’ll see. And then you’ll know.

So, ​While ​You ​Still ​Can, ​Go ​Ahead ​& ​Select the ​Option ​That’s ​Right ​For ​You ​& ​Choose ​Your ​Package ​Below.





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