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3 Essential Things To Do Right Now
To Protect Yourself From The Corona Virus Infection

Everybody knows what the government, media and health experts say about protecting yourself: 

Social distancing... wear face masks in public... wash your hands, etc. 

These things are useful, they can help protect you on the outside.

But What About on the Inside?
 What About YOUR Immune System?

There are three simple things you can do to Boost YOUR Immune System Right Now from the Inside Out:

#1 - Reduce Your Stress Levels

Anxiety... a low level of ever present fear... Significantly Suppresses Your Body’s Immune System.

We’ve all experienced times when we’re stressed out about something… Work. Romance. Life in general.

What often happens?  We catch a cold!

So during this period when hand washing, face masks and social distancing are the norm,
pay attention to your stress levels.

Take every opportunity to take a breath and relax. 

This too shall pass...

#2 - Eat for Immunity

The second essential thing you can do during these anxious times is to eat healthy -- including foods and herbs that increase your body’s natural defenses.

That’s why we’re so excited you wanted our recipe book. It’s loaded with 60 Different Immunity-Boosting Recipes!

Try just one of the delicious recipes we’ve included in the Immune System Recipe Book. They’re not hard to make and they taste incredibly delicious.

#3 - Generously Provide Your Immune System the Nutrition It Needs to Fight Infection

THE THIRD ESSENTIAL THING you must do to fight the coronavirus from the inside out is Flood Your Body with Immunity-Boosting Nutrients.

While supplementing with Vitamin C is great, there’s a whole host of other vitamins and minerals that can enhance your immune system. 

This is why we created “More Than Greens™”. 

More Than Greens™ contains 16 SUPERFOODS to Help Boost Your Immune System's Ability to Fight Viruses & Infections.

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