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Inflammation Be 


Revealed: My ​Secret to ​Beating the ​Aches ​

& ​Pains of ​Getting ​Older...

When it comes to getting old, almost 

everyone will tell you about the 

“aches ​& pains of old age.”

Well guess what? 

I don’t have any. 

When I say any, I mean ​NONE. 

And I’m 79 years old! You’d think I’d have at least some! 

(Ok, I do have one. It’s a bodybuilding injury I got way back when. But that’s another story.) 

My point is I don’t have those kind of “old age” ailments. 

Now here’s the thing: I know I’m not special.

There’s just something I’ve learned as a body builder a long time ago. Something I do that want to share with you right now.

Incredibly, during my bodybuilding glory days, in order to boost my recovery from brutal workouts, I discovered a way to naturally soothe inflammation in my body. 

I didn’t realize this at the time, but this turns out to be a very big deal as you start getting older.

Chronic ​Inflammation ​Is ​

At ​The ​Root ​Cause ​Of ​

Practically ​Every ​Old ​

Age ​Ailment ​There ​Is...

And if you are struggling with inflammation right now, I want you to know that getting the inflammation OUT ​& restoring vitality ​& energy to your body CAN not only happen, but happen rapidly.

And the herbs and nutrients I’m about to share have proven to do it.

Inflammation ​Can ​​​Be 

​Reversed ​Rapidly ​When 

You ​Know ​How...


You may not see it or 

even notice it, but ​

Chronic ​Inflammation 

may slowly 

be damaging your 


Inflammation (swelling) is part of the 

body’s natural healing process.

Unfortunately, inflammation can also occur 

when the immune system goes into action 

without an injury or infection to fight. 

Since there’s nothing to heal, the immune 

system cells that normally protect us 

begin to destroy healthy arteries, 

organs and joints.

When it ​Comes to ​Reducing ​Chronic ​Inflammation, ​One ​Thing ​Scientifically ​PROVEN to ​Make a ​Difference is the Indian ​Wonder ​Herb... TURMERIC!!

With over 6,500 studies, addressing 313 different benefits, Todd ​& I believe ​Turmeric’s ​Biggest ​Benefit is that it ​Soothes ​Chronic ​Inflammation--​Especially ​As ​You ​Get Older.


Inflammation’s Mortal Enemy

Curcumin is the ​Active ​Ingredient in ​Turmeric. As ​You’ll ​Discover ​It ​Has ​Powerful ​Anti-​Inflammatory ​Effects ​& ​Is ​A ​Very ​Strong ​Antioxidant.

However, the actual curcumin content of most turmeric is not that high. 

It’s only around 3%, by weight. 

Most of the studies on this herb however, use ​Turmeric EXTRACT with high amounts of curcumin. 

So, if you want to experience the full effects of inflammation healing, you should take a ​Turmeric product that contains 95%+ ​Curcuminoids. 

Unfortunately though, it’s a little known fact ​Curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body

It needs some help being absorbed. 

Enter Bioperine -- a natural substance that enhances the absorption of ​Curcumin by as much as 2,000%. 

That’s because when combined with Bioperine, you assimilate much more ​Curcumin into your system.

In ​Addition to 95% ​Curcuminoid-​Rich ​Turmeric with Bioperine, ​Chronic ​Inflammation ​Can ​Also ​Be ​Soothed ​With:


Mother Nature's Aspirin

Often called ‘​Nature’s ​Aspirin’, ​Willow ​Bark extract can be found as an ingredient in cosmetics ​& personal care products due to its ​Astringent, ​Anti-​Inflammatory, ​& ​Soothing ​Properties.

Reduces Headaches 

May reduce the tension from headache related pain, similar to aspirin.

Eases ​Lower ​Back ​Pain

The components of ​White ​Willow ​Bark inhibit cyclooxygenase -- responsible for the formation of prostaglandins, which can trigger inflammation. By stopping the formation of prostaglandins, ​White ​Willow ​Bark acts as an ​Anti-​Inflammatory ​Agent. 

A 2001 study published in the journal Rheumatology found in a group of nearly 200 people with lower back pain, those who received ​Willow ​Bark showed a ​Significant ​Improvement in ​Pain compared to those who received a placebo.1

Reduces Arthritis ​& Osteoarthritis Pain 

Willow ​Bark can be an effective treatment for reducing arthritis and osteoarthritis-related pain by decreasing the swelling.

Since the effects of aspirin and ​Willow ​Bark have been comparable, it is believed ​Willow ​Bark extract may reap similar benefits.


Fast Relief for Joints

A clinical trial conducted by Raychaudhuri and co-workers in India has shown that the extract of the plant, Boswellia serrata.

They ​Discovered the ​Herb ​Can ​Reduce ​Pain ​& ​Considerably ​Improve ​Knee-​Joint ​Functions, in ​Some ​Cases ​Providing ​Relief...​Often ​Within ​Just ​A ​Week.3

Raychaudhuri and her colleagues described their study as the first to evaluate the efficacy of the extract enriched with a form of boswellic acid on osteoarthritis.

These ​Days, I ​See ​More ​
& ​More ​People ​
Suffering ​Needlessly...

If that includes you, I believe we may be 

able to help. 

And ​Maybe the ​Best ​Part ​Is ​It ​Perfectly ​ComplementsMore Than Beets

My son, Todd ​& I recently decided to ​Formulate a ​Natural, ​Organic ​Turmeric-​Based ​Product...But one with a ​UNIQUE ​Formulation.

We ​Formulated More Than Turmeric™ ​Specifically ​For ​Those ​Getting ​Older. 

Those who still want to play ball! 

Those who still want to enjoy their garden. 

Those who aren’t quite ready to give up being active and energetic.

I truly believe More Than Turmeric™ contains the nutrients that keeps your ​Joints, ​Muscles ​& ​Ligaments ​Youthful--​Strong, ​Flexible ​& ​Pain-​FREE.

You’ll also notice other products on the market don’t have anywhere near the amount of ​Pure ​Curcumin found in More Than Turmeric™.

Completely Complements Your Purchase of More Than Beets™

What’s great is when your blood vessels are wider, this allows more ​Curcuminoids and other herbal nutrients to flow to where they are needed most. 

This massively accelerates healing, as well as the other benefits known for these incredible herbs. 

You owe to yourself to try More Than Turmeric™!

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Our “More Than Turmeric™”

Like all our products, has a strong guarantee. 

​We don’t just want you to be “satisfied”. ​

We don’t saddle up ​our guarantees with ‘impossible to fulfill’ conditions. 

No, instead ​we unconditionally guarantee you’ll get the benefits you want, especially pain relief. 

So go ahead and try More Than Turmeric™ for just 60 days. 

Experience the benefits you desire, just as the 6,000+ studies on turmeric indicate. 

And if you don’t get the benefits, simply email me for a full refund. There’s no return shipping required or any hurdles to jump through or hassles - I promise you that!  

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Given our methods of supplying the product to you, this means once we sell out, you’ll have no choice but be put on the waiting list for the next scheduled production. 

That would be so unfortunate. 

Nobody I know wants to miss even one day without their More Than Turmeric™. 

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You ​May ​Have ​Been ​

Living ​With ​Chronic ​

Inflammation ​For ​Years ​

Without ​Noticing.

It could be the real cause behind pain ​& other nagging symptoms you may be blaming on“just getting older.”

I’m here to say you don’t have to put with them. 

In fact, I ​GUARANTEE it.

Just give More Than Turmeric™ a shot ​&see for yourself.

That’s all I ask. 

See if your situation doesn’t improve, whatever it is.

Then, if in the ​unlikely ​​circumstances ​​it ​​doesn’t ​​deliver, ​Email ​Me ​& ​I’ll Happily ​Refund You...It's As Simple ​as ​that​!

You ​​​Have ​​​Nothing ​​to ​Lose ​& ​Everything ​To ​GAIN!


  • Being able to play sports again, like 18 holes of golf...

  • Being able to pick up your grandkids...

  • Being able to work all day in the yard and not have to “feel it” the next day...

Whatever’s been holding you back from living life to thefullest, MoreThan Turmeric™ ​will definitely help.

But I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of ournew valued customer discount and lock in your price. 

That way you won’t have to wait in line for the next batch and you’ll be able to​Enjoy the ​Immediate ​Price ​SAVINGS​!

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No thanks, Morrie. I don’t have old age ailments

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