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  • Improves Energy & Stamina

  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure

  • Improves Brain & Heart Health

  • Prevents & Eases Joint Pain

  • Younger Looking Skin

  • Helps Lower Cholesterol



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Top Reviews of More Than Beets From Recent Buyers...

RonRon P., Royal Oak, MI

5 Stars“More Than Beets Has Helped Change My Life”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

Thank you so much for More Than Beets! I’ve never felt healthier than when using your supplement. I finally feel like I have my life back on track. I’m more energized, more clear headed, and even less hungry. Since trying More Than Beets my doctor has given me a ‘thumbs up’ on my health. Reading about More Than Beets taught me how little I knew about my circulation system, and just how easy it is to support it. I’m so grateful that I watched your presentation Mr. Mitchell. It’s made all the difference in my health and happiness.

AidaAida V., Waterford, MI

5 Stars“I Really Feel Like A New Person”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

I had a lot of pain in my joints, knees and hands before taking More Than Beets. It was so bad my husband had to help me open jars, and anything else that required me to use my hands and fingers. After just a few days taking More Than Beets all my joints, particularly my hands, started to feel remarkably better, so much so that my husband no longer has to help me open up anything. I really feel like a new person – thank you very much!

LeoLeo D., Bloomfield Hills, MI

5 Stars“It Feels Like I’m Blossoming Again”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

I know this sounds weird, but something amazing is happening with my body. It feels like I’m blossoming again. People say I look younger. That may be true, but I definitely feel younger. Could More Than Beets be the secret to reversing the again process? I’m no scientist Morrie, but my body’s saving yes. Thank you.

TiffanyTiffany E., Centerline, MI

5 Stars“Within 30 Minutes I’m Ready To Conquer The Day”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

I have been using More Than Beets for 2 months and it's really increased my performance at the gym. I am 51 and still keep up with the 20 year old's on the cardio machines! I have more stamina than before and recover faster from my HIIT workouts. I drink it every morning when I wake up (it's replaced my morning coffee) and I really like the berry taste. It never makes you jittery and within 30 minutes or less, I feel totally alert and ready to conquer the day! More Than Beets has helped with my digestion, aided in healing plantar fasciitis, cleared my skin and improved my joint health. I just ordered another 3 month supply so I never run out! Try it today, you won't regret it!

ChelseaChelsea V., Pontiac, MI

5 Stars“I Have More Energy Than I Ever Have”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

I found it hard to get through the day with the kids, keeping up with the house, cleaning, trying to get to the gym, and maintaining everything that a stay-at-home mother has to do every day --- then I learned about More Than Beets from a friend. I used to drink four cups of coffee a day to get the energy I needed to get through the day. Now, after taking More Than Beets I have more energy than I ever have before. It’s great because it’s all natural and it’s great for your body with the four incredible ingredients – no more coffee to keep me going...Thanks Morrie!

RamonaRamona T., Royal Oak, MI

5 Stars“I Have More Energy & Stamina Throughout The Day”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

More Than Beets has helped give me more energy and stamina throughout the day and also it gives me a natural feeling of alertness and clarity in which I absolutely love! Since I’m a hair stylist it’s a huge help…thanks again!

ToniToni M., Detroit, MI

5 Stars“My Aches & Pains Have Seemed To Go Away”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

More Than Beets has given me so much energy throughout the day words can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Plus it tastes absolutely fantastic! Since I clean office buildings and homes for a living my joints used to ache – but since taking More Than Beets for over a month now all my aches and pains have seemed to go away. I’m for sure making this my daily routine from now on…Thank you!

WigbertoWigberto V., Pontiac, MI

5 Stars“More Than Beets Is Delicious”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

This is amazing! I have more energy and stamina than I ever have in the past. I take one serving a half hour before going to the gym…and I’ve been experiencing the best workouts of my life as a result. My joint pain has diminished greatly and it seems that my skin is looking better too. It’s delicious and I love that it’s all natural! Thanks again Morrie for putting together such a great formula in More Than Beets!

SteveSteve G., Madison Heights, MI

5 Stars“I Would Recommend It Unequivocally To Anyone Who Wants To Feel Better!”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

I am here to sing the praises of More Than Beets. I am five months post heart attack and five months post quintuple heart bypass surgery. After taking More Than Beets I can honestly say I noticed fairly immediately that I started feeling better. I know the Nitric Oxide is doing the job it’s supposed to do by opening up my blood vessels and by helping my heart beat better. More Than Beets does exactly as advertised – I can tell you that whatever it is that’s in there is natural and non-gmo…it does the job it’s supposed to do. And I would recommend it unequivocally to anyone who wants to feel better!

AnnAnne., Brooklyn, MI

5 Stars“It’s a very nice energy boost!”

August 28, 2019  |   Verified Purchase

I started taking More Than Beets to help improve my long distance running since I am now in my 50’s. Since incorporating it into my workout routine, I’ve noticed that my runs are faster, my heart rate is lower, and overall it’s a much better workout experience. That’s because it increases the oxygen flow to your heart, lungs and muscles, which allows you to workout at a higher level longer. I would absolutely recommend More Than Beets to all my friends, whether they workout out or not – it’s a very nice energy boost!

Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get...

“Does More Than Beets™ Really Work?”

Of course we’re biased, but YES it works. We have the better part of 40 years using this method, eating beets and other things.But with More Than Beets, it’s so easy. Just mix with water. Drink it once or twice a day…the choice is yours. It takes no more than 30 seconds. And if it doesn’t work exactly as we say, we’ll refund every penny.

“Whats The Biggest Thing I Can Expect To See?”

That’s a tough question, because everybody’s different. But one thing people always notice is that it helps lower blood pressure. Does that make sense? With Vasodilation, the arteries expand, and that means there’s less pressure. But like we said earlier, once you upgrade the circulation, all sorts of almost magical things happen. You may think clearer… chronic issues may start to fade… pain may subside… inflammation may calm… there’s just so many things you can look forward to. Why? Because you’re getting more nutrient blood to the site of the wounds/disease.

"When Should I Take More Than Beets™?"

We recommend taking More Than Beets™ first thing in the morning or whenever you’re feeling low on energy. Remember… More Than Beets™ boosts Nitric Oxide, increasing energy and stamina, and will improve your overall blood flow. It can also be used as a pre-workout supplement.

"Is There Any Sugar In More Than Beets™?"

Absolutely not! More Than Beets™ is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is unique among food ingredients because it’s most valued for what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t add calories. Unlike other sugar substitutes, Stevia is derived from a plant, so it’s all natural.

Is More Than Beets™ Gluten or Dairy Free?

Yes, More Than Beets™ is not only Gluten and Dairy FREE, but it’s made from Organic ingredients, it’s certified GMO FREE, and it’s Soy, Nut and Hormone FREE as well!

Do you have to refrigerate this product?

No, More Than Beets™ is designed to stay fresh, potent, and effective without any sort of refrigeration.

What's the Shelf Life of More Than Beets™?

More Than Beets™ is manufactured using the highest standards and quality of ingredients, and care is taken to make sure every container is good for at least one year on the shelf.

What’s in More Than Beets™?

More Than Beet contains 4 Incredibly Powerful Ingredients combined into the PERFECT SUPPLEMENT:  

  • Beetroot Powder: Beets are nature’s perfect food for healthy circulation because of nitrates – becomes Nitrate Oxide. Rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate, and manganese. 
  • Resveratrol: Has many reported anti-aging and disease-fighting powers…protects the body against damage that can put you at higher risk for things like cancer and heart disease. 
  • Collagen Peptides: Is the body’s most important building block and it makes up around 30% of the proteins in our bodies. It ensures the cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of all our connective tissues, including the skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones. 
  • L-Citrulline Malate: Helps increase overall energy production in the body, further improving performance in everything you do. Will help you inside the gym, boosting your performance, speeding up your recovery and enhancing muscle growth.When you put them all together, you get super charged circulation, better blood flow, healthier blood pressure, more stamina, more energy – along with being a heck of a lot healthier all around.

"I’m In My 30’s, Will This Still Work For Me?"

Heck YES, are you kidding… it’s never too early to begin boosting your circulation. If you want an almost instant energy boost, you’ll find More Than Beets™ becomes your ‘go to’ pick-me-up. And it’s so smart to get started NOW in the prime of your life. But no matter what your age, enjoy a cool, refreshingly sweet glass of More Than Beets™ every day… and you can look forward to many years of supreme health and vitality – in turn, your quality of life should improve greatly.

How Many Bottles Should I Get?

By far the most popular order size for new customers is 3 bottles, and that is the recommended starting pack. However, if you want to guarantee that you don’t run out of More Than Beets before we’re able to re-stock (and it takes us 4-5 months to re-stock once we run out), and you also want the biggest discount and greatest savings today, the 6 bottle package is right for you.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my results?

More Than Beets is fully covered by our ironclad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, call 800-264-5737 or email ​ at any time, during working hours from Monday thru Friday, 9am ET to 5pm ET - and we will fully refund your money, no questions asked.

This all seems “too good to be true”...are there any hidden fees? Can I really cancel anytime I want?

There are no hidden fees, and cancellation is easy using the 24-hour phone number you’ll get your tracking number as soon as you order and you have a 60-Day “No Questions Asked” Money-Back Guarantee if you try it and decide it’s not right for you.

“I’m Ready To Order” What Do I Do Next?”

See the panel below where it asks you how many canisters to ship you? You may have to scroll down a bit. Just click how many canisters you want and you'll immediately be taken to the order page.

“Can I Call Your Office To Place An Order?”

Yes, just call 800-264-5737. We’re in the office from 9-5 EST Monday through Friday. And don’t be too surprised if my father or I pick up the phone, this is a small family operation. We’d enjoy talking with you.

Morrie Mitchell Has Been A Legend In The Health, Fitness & Nutrition Industry For Over 5 Decades

Morrie Mitchell, is the author and creator of over 10 bestselling courses, including, to name just a few, his famous Universal Bodybuilding 12-Week Course, The Waist Shaping System, The Fat Burning System, and The Tri-Power Contractional System. His work and educational courses have been read and consumed by MILLIONS of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, young and old, how to live a healthier and more fit life…for over FIVE DECADES. Morrie’s probably been in more magazines and comic books than anyone else in the world. He is a true pioneer in the industry, and he’s the man behind the iconic and legendary health, fitness and nutritional company Universal Bodybuilding. Morrie’s unique qualifications and extensive experience in the field make him the go-to guy for creating scientifically PROVEN, unique, and powerful supplements for attaining and maintaining the best health possible.